The Bavarian Illuminati were a religious organization based on scientology, active around the 18th century. Their symbol was a triangle with an eye in the center. The group has long since been destroyed, but conspiracy theories about its involvement in the modern world continue to thrive.

On the internet, "Illuminati Confirmed" is a joke used either to blame unusual occurrences on the Illuminati, or to joke about the existence of the Illuminati based on triangle shapes found in everyday life.
Every time I open the internet, my computer shuts down. Illuminati confirmed.

Doge's ears are triangles. Illuminati confirmed.
by Wolfscent March 14, 2016
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When something is proven to be illuminati they are "illuminati Confirmed"
OMG! have you seen Rihanna, She is Illuminati Confirmed!
That is definable as Illuminati Confirmed
by nigeriangaming HD November 30, 2014
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Something people say when they see something triangular in shape.
1: Look at my beautiful, triangular slice of pizza!
2: Illuminati confirmed! Get that shit away from me! 👺
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While nearly all ppl & occurrences that garner this label are quite literally as far away from being Illuminati as humanly (or otherworldly) possible, there's still this sort of pseudo-esotericism overly applied to just about everything by netizens. No they truly _don't_ belong to a secret society conveniently born in Bavaria in the same year as the United States gained its independence from Britain. or y'know, yeah! they do! ...'cause who am i to question our illustrious, malevolent overlords...

It is used with great flexibility in the online world, particularly in the gaming arena, to simultaneously:
* troll naive children
* poke fun at conspiracy theorists
* invoke (mild... at best) lulz

Source: I'm the Princess of the Dark Underbelly of the Internet / Mistress of the Multiverse, who shall remain unnamed, 'cause otherwise your head would asplode (leaving only a pulsating third eye)
scrub 1: I saw Katy Gaga-Cyrus take off her mask backstage to reveal that she's Reptilian!

scrub 2: Illuminati Confirmed!

normal person 1: tha fuck?
by mztrie December 18, 2015
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