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An organization in the United States for professional gamers. Is an acronym for "Major League Gaming." Many great gamers have been professionally signed by MLG. As of now, they mainly focus on Halo 2 tournaments. They also post 'official' gametypes for Halo, Halo 2, and other games, so the gametype is fair and perfect. For example, an MLG game for Halo 2 Team Slayer would be battle rifle spawn, human weapons on map (no sword for fairness), etc. Many believe MLG is a lame gametype, though others practice it often in hopes of getting good at it. By the way, if you'd like to be funny, next time someone wants to play MLG over Halo 2 over XBL, ask them, "What's MLG? Does it stand for My Little Gun?"
Those MLG bastards! They won't let me play in the upcoming tournament for my city this weekend.
by Host3ntropy June 19, 2005

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The act of doing everything that is pleasurable to yourself. Also the avoidance of pain.
Hedonism is commonly practiced by the heads of large media corperations.
by Host3ntropy June 11, 2005

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Sodium, on the periodic table of elements.
NaCl is sodium choride, the tasty, grain-like substance you put on french fries, otherwise known as table salt.
by Host3ntropy June 19, 2005

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