meme man (n.)
immortal being, he is everywhere but also nowhere. no one could ever ascend to his level for he is way high on a superior scale reserved for the heavenly. mysterious and noble, he will grant you all your wishes, but at a price which is only decided by His Greatness. he shapeshifts into different everyday objects fitting every situation. he gives, but never expects back. respect the Meme Man: compared to him, you are nothing.
mere mortal: who is meme man
superior mortal: dont look at me, dont touch me, dont speak to me; i have reached celestial level
Mememan: blugh blueh blu
L O N G B O Y: shut up lung boi
by DankAssSock September 26, 2017
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A guy who first appeard in the Stonks meme and is know to sphel words badli wic maid him famus.
He is one of the memes God.
Praise Mememan
"My name is not Stonks guy, im Mememan *Angery Noises*"-Meme man
by SturerHellcatAT15 June 19, 2020
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