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When a young male spends too much time in the presence of an older lady, possibly a friend of his Ma or someone he works with in the vain hope she will decide to seduce him and give him a sexual experience that only an 'experienced lady' can.

The male will be late teens or early twenties and will brag about an extensive sexual history of attractive women, but will in reality have had sloppy sex with ugly to average girls in clubs who have already slept with his mates.
Hey Rob have you seen Chris hanging around the secretary's office again? He's been MILFing a lot this week!
by Conian February 02, 2010
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The act of seeking out milfs to seduce, especially by young men.

What you need:

-Youth & vitality which their husbands lack

-Button-down shirt, khaki pants, dress shoes

-A smile and bag of jokes
The two 25 year old men drove to Connecticut to go milfing and successfully nailed two cougars. The cougar's husbands never found out.
by Sumsortagod July 23, 2011
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Working your way up to become a damn hot mom
Milfing your way up to an escalade... Be a milf, find a man, get married, and have babies to put in the escalade.
by FutureMilf February 28, 2014
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When a middle-aged woman goes out on the town and whose main objective is to find younger men.
They are just stirring in their dens, about to start milfing about. By tonight their cougar instincts will be peaking
by KWK May 23, 2008
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When attractive "stay at home" mums meet up with their other mummy friends to drink coffee and socialise whilst maintaining that staying at home and looking after the kids is "hard work"
What are you doing today Lara?

I'm meeting Clare at Starbucks for a bit of milfing
by fpg March 28, 2013
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