irish person. kick ass and dont only drink and fight all day long. good at soccer and better than the brittish scum.
by fuck limeys April 19, 2005
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An abv. term for the word microphone, commenly used in Instant Messaging, Chatrooms, etc.
Hey, do u have a mic connected to your computer?
by Rustey April 24, 2005
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(tech jargon) An acronym standing for "Made In China" use to describe poor manufactured textiles, automobiles, parts or anything that is considered to be defective. Colloquial use by those in the Southeastern United States following the recall of several Made in China products, tooth paste, toys, etc. Often use to describe a person that is considered as "defective" with one or more personality flaws, e.g., someone that is unable to get along with others. It should be noted that the acronym is pronouced like the word "mike" and not like the derogatory term used to describe someone of Irish ethnicity.
Damn, John, your car won't start again. I told you not to buy the M.I.C. car.
John's M.I.C. personality really wins him the Asshole of the Year Award.
Man, this hamburger really blows. I bet it's a M.I.C.
by Roland_07 September 14, 2007
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1. An Australian term for a bowl of weed and tobacco, ready to be smoked out of a bong.
2. the act of smoking bongs in a circle with some mates in the shed or bedroom.
1. "come round cunt, I chopped up a fat mic"
2. " grab Jars and lets have a mic at my place"
by Lil Dey September 30, 2019
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To pee. Short for micturate. It can be used as a subtle/polite way of saying you have to pee.
by Jrcara January 15, 2012
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I was dismayed by the MIC at today's press conference. The man is an idiot.
by Yeeba February 16, 2017
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It's original definition was "Mini Internal Chuckle" (also written occasionally as "Mild inner Laugh"), used as a brief acronym to denote great amusement in chat conversations.

Invented to replace the inane "LOL" - which as well as being fucking annoying - is also bullshit as no-one ever "Laughs out Loud" when reading the musing of turds on the internet
Turd: LOL, that was funny
Turd2: MIC, not really - however, we're laughing at you, not with you.
by DukeGuy September 08, 2008
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