Me: he got his new ifong.
Kipps: what's that?
Me: iphone made from china.
Kipps: really?mics.
Me: true.
by UrHotSuckMyDickLater June 28, 2010
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mics is the definition of shoes...he famous hood shoe is Jordans. Mike ..mics.
Ay, ma dude your mics is fucking hot!
by ,unknown, January 04, 2008
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"it's McDaniels,
not McDondalds
....these rhymes are Daryl's
....the burgers are Ronald's!
keep it ol' school....sucka free!!!!
by ol' school nigga November 20, 2003
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a chick that looks like a dude but is still beyond hot. she's fucking amazing in bed and can use her tongue oh so well. she's a lesbian and very butch and is sometimes called Mike cuz she is often mistaken for being a guy. Guys have a tendency to hate on her cuz she pulls girls numbers without even trying and she's usually seen out and about with Jen by her side.
Mic jus got another hot chick's number. Do you think she knows Mic's not a Mike?
by tragic imperfctions March 16, 2009
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a rere who talks about his guitar like its a fuckin uphimiaom for his dick insults someone by calling them big homo
mic you tard
by December 17, 2019
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A young animator at the age of 17, whom animates hentai on a near daily basis. these kinds of people are often rejected from society and might be watched by the FBI
Kauna: Get mic outta here, i don't want to go to jail
Mic: What the fuck did i do?
Kauna: Everything that is illegal.
by djmitt September 26, 2019
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The same as “taking the piss” or joking around. “Taking the mic”
Dequavis -“ your really starting to annoy me”

Ice jj fish - “relax I’m just taking the mic cunt”
by Coupladogs May 31, 2020
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