To be completely drunk.
"John came home from the party monolithic."
by Bryan January 28, 2005
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n. (or monolyth) - A large piece of faeces. Slang word comes from the word monolith when describing a large structure (like stone-henge).

Generally a monolith is so large that there is significant difficulty in flushing it down the toilet.

A cabre often can be described as a monolith.
"Crikey, check out the monolith in cubicle 3"

"My monolith was riddled with corn"
by Refreshment Boxx April 4, 2010
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In 2001 a space odyessy the monolith came to earth and helped the apes evolve into senient life forms and then came back later to turn dave into a giant superintelligent baby.
by linzoy August 9, 2003
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A free standing turd that mysteriously stands erect out of the toilet water.
Dude, I can't believe it. I stood up and there it was, standing out of the water; a monolith.
by Paddy M May 30, 2008
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The interesting shaped alien object which was spotted in the desert of Utah, then vanished and another appeared in Romania. Soon after that one vanished another appeared in California. Fact of the dayeyeyeyy
“Hey wanna go steal that fugly ass monolith?”

Yeah sure! that monolith be looking crusty.”
by Disgracefxl December 4, 2020
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a beast ass moving base in warhammer's 40,000 dawn of war. used by the necrons(an alien race) to destroy and dominate every other race in the game.
"hey bob how ya liking the new monolith". "good i can finally shoot my arch-enemy from a mile away".
by Leland Whitworth January 24, 2008
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An idiom used to describe the reverence given to someone or something that is venerated. The term originated from a scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey. In this scene, apes, the early ancestors of mankind, find and venerate a mysterious monolith that has appeared near their home.
Vasili: Did you see the way those Trump supporters unquestioningly cheered at everything he had to say?
Akseli: Its just another case of the apes and the monolith, Vasili.
by Emperor Caesar Augustus February 13, 2018
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