The front forks and wheel of a motorcycle or bicycle.
He went into the corner so hard that the frontend started to wash.
by Pufnblu4u January 26, 2005
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A software pattern that is solely promoted by individuals with micro frontends.
Mikey: Let's switch to a micro frontend.
Kyle: Yeah, you'd like that just cuz you have a micro frontend.
by gfaisjdfjjwejo June 14, 2019
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SQL administration and development frontend with graphical user interface, written completely in Java that runs on virtual machines supporting Java

Zaval Database; light and functional web-based front-end to any database accessable by JDBC drivers;
knoda is database frontend for Linux/KDE based on hk_classes and is released under the GNU General Public; this software is referred to as a generic database frontend, your database system is the backend database and the interface between the two is called the backend API consisting of a small number of function handlers and structure definitions
database frontend

Rekall is an open source database front end, in the style of Microsoft Access.
by Hercolena Oliver July 9, 2010
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