Any statement that might hurt the Democrat Party, or any statement at all from a right-wing person. They (DNC) will use their Ministry of Truth (the media) to "fact check" the statement.
Donald Trump: The sky is blue.
The media: Trump spreads dangerous misinformation by claiming that the sky is blue
by JudahBenJudah December 23, 2020
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An idea which contradicts the oppressor group's power
Anti vaxxers need to stop spreading misinformation

No, vaccines actually do cause blood clots, infertility and early death
by D Flawless October 21, 2021
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Any information not pre-selected by the US Mainstream Media and social networks as something that is factual.
Misinformation about the US election dropped significantly after Donald Trump was banned from Twitter.
by funguy10 January 17, 2021
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What the media doesn't tell you when talking about all the horror stories on the coronavirus is that though over 3,000 people is a lot when you've lost a loved one, there's still over a billion people that lived on in China. Instead, all you hear about is how people should worry more than they are, that they should take more caution, but that they shouldn't panic, and that they should remain calm, which is all contradictory.
The misinformation about the coronavirus and deaths is not all coming from China, it's on the news in the united states.
by Solid Mantis April 1, 2020
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People often already know the source of misinformation, where it's coming from. Usually the same people claiming to fight it and reveal the source of it are the ones trying to defer suspicion from themselves and what they are doing to somewhere else, to make it look like it's coming from somewhere or someone else.
Misinformation is false by nature, which is why people don't need explained to them what is true and what is false. They can determine that for themselves.
by The Original Agahnim July 28, 2021
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When Bailey says that Tyler called them boring
"tyler called me boring and I've been thinking about it ever since" a.k.a misinformation
by A Stewin November 10, 2020
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