Infamous user on HF. Owner of elmoware.
6ft unlike zeus (5’4 *coughs*).
There is no god. If there is, it’s Lynx.
by Lynx. June 18, 2021
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The best friend you will ever have. He is brilliant, strategic, and a lethal enemy, but has a heart of gold. He treasures the people he loves with utter selflessness and would do anything for the few people who have the sensitivity to understand and admire him. He is often misunderstood and prefers to be alone, but he is a hopeless romantic at heart. There is no limit to his talent and he will never cease to surprise and amaze you. If you are lucky enough to meet and befriend a Lynx, don't ever let him go.
"Hey, who was that kid? He caught my attention."
"That was Lynx. He is amazing...he's my best friend."
by Draquette February 2, 2014
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Deoderant thats been in English speaking countries since the 90's and just made it to America in the Naughties labled Axe,

Warning Wearing too much of it will make everybody in the room vomit or pass out especially if its a real bad scent.
In my experience Lynx J*&* attracts the girls Haahaahahaa It's Mine all Mine.
by Jellyphant July 28, 2003
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A feline that is normally grey or brown, has faded spots, and black tufted ears.
I saw a lynx at the zoo! it was really cool.
by Kian Lynx September 29, 2003
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Hot MILF, or woman who is single and looking. Is not old enough to be a cougar, but usually is 28-35. Is not into games, drama, or deadbeats.

She is in the odd age range of being attractive to younger males who are interested in her sexual prowress, and the over older males who don;t want to have to deal with the 20 year olds drama or games. Has choice of boy toys or sugar daddies.

Can teach the young ones a few tricks, or enjoy lavish gifts. Is hot and in her sexual prime. Enjoys the attention of the younger men, and occasionally plays with a meal or two... ;)
Guy 1) See that chic?

Guy 2) Dude!! That Lynx can sink her nails in me anytime!!
by lynxie32 January 21, 2012
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