A word referring a girl who makes money through providing sex services to boys. It's a really controversial job, and is prohibited in some countries, but people who're involved in this job have no other options since they have trouble to get other jobs.
If you want to be a prostitute, then just do. However, no one shall be responsible for any consequences.
by Celest98 July 20, 2022
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Someone who will love you, no matter who you are or what you look like.
Sometimes a man needs to be with a woman. But sometimes, when the loving is over, the woman just wants to talk and talk and talk and talk.

That's not why you pay a prostitute, no you don't pay for her to stay you pay for her to leave afterwards.

That's why I pays a lot for prostitutes!
by dark289 April 15, 2009
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A person (usually a woman) that performs sexual favours for money. Not entirely dissimilar to a girlfriend, wheras prostitutes requires cash, a girlfriend requires being taken out for meals, bought cars and shoes ergo a prostitute is a girlfriend that requires less effort. Also are less likely to say "oh so your friends are more important than me?" everytime you wanna go for a fuckin' drink with your mates.
Bill: "Hey Ben, is this your prostitute?"
Ben: "No Bill, this is my girlfriend"
Bill: "OK OK, Wanna come out with the guys for a couple of drinks?
Ben: "Nah, my girlfriend wont let me"
Bill: "*tut*, buy that prostitute some shoes"
by Vanperski May 22, 2009
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the narrow definition is of someone who trades sex for money.The appropriate definition is of someone who trades sex in the broadest sense for economic gain.The key difference is that the second ,broader definition describes a spectrum;

- money for sex by the act, hour or night
- sugar baby/daddy relationships (sex and arm candy for a retainer)
- mistress ( Sex and arm candy plus conversation and company for living expenses and spending cash)
-trophy wife/husband (arm candy ,sex and company for a good lifestyle)
-trophy wife/partner with child ( hostage taker, no more sex or companionship, But lifestyle guaranteed by marriage or child support/alimony .
-gold digger partner ( sex and devotion first exchanged for lifestyle, then extorted.
these so called sugar babies are just prostitutes
by Notkimk December 5, 2014
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A prostitute is a person who exchanges sexual acts for monetary gain, goods or services.
My wife wouldn't have sex with me "until I cleaned up the mess I made in the kitchen". She is a prostitute.
by zombiemaster666 September 7, 2009
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One who recieves money for sex. It is not empowering, it is keeping women exactly where men want you. The saddest line they have is, "Don't do it for free". That line speaks a thousand words. It tells exactly what they think of sex. It is a job, a chore. That it isn't fun, a bonding experience, intiment. That is very sad.
They like many trade get a lingo down, such as; We are not hurting anyone. They hurt plenty of people, thousands per year. Other women, children of that family. The men they see, and themselves. They also hurt the community. They hurt the value so many do not place on what should be the bonding that take place when joining with your love. They help incourage Sex trafficking. They say things like, if you would satisfy your husband/boyfriend.... Thye do this to help make themselves feel better about their empty lives, and not take any resposiblity for the destruction they cause. It is said to be the oldest profession, it isn't, agriculture is. Unfortunitly between prostitutes and the media our daughters are going to grow up, and it has already begun, to think this is all they are worth, what they are here for. Prostution is nothing but darkness
by J Lindsay March 5, 2006
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