a waud of saliva combined with boogers.
he hawked a lugi on my shirt!
by ricky January 19, 2004
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A substantial wad of saliva and mucus, which can be, but isn't necessarily greenish or yellowish in colour. It is, however, always of a heavier weight and thicker consistency than regular spit.
Mike had this great trick where he would release a big lugy from his mouth and then suck it back up before the train of saliva broke from his lips.
by Ketchy February 13, 2012
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a spid wad made by sucking the mucous into the back of your throat and combining it with saliva.
That was a gross lugie he just spat, it's green.
by Chris September 3, 2003
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A chunk of snot with a certain viscosity or consistency which makes it able to be spit long distances.
I just hucked a lugie on the window and it's really hanging in there...
by Urban Dictionary December 3, 2008
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To blow your load into your partner's nose then she/he snorts it up their nostril. It will then make it's way in their mouth acting like a lugi.
As I was about to blow my load in her mouth, I pulled out and shot it up her nose to give her a salty lugi.
by Furious hitman69 October 25, 2019
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The big stringy hunk of ejaculate that comes out of the vagina the morning after an intimate encounter, always at an unpredictable time.
"Another yoga class interrupted by emergence of last nights spooge lugi."
by Cooeyk August 20, 2016
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To cough up a glob of mucus, usually about as big as a gum wad; yellowish to green, then spit it out: totally disgusting.
Man, the next time my sister gives me shit, I am going to hack a lugi on her.
by Quido1 March 9, 2008
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