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a spid wad made by sucking the mucous into the back of your throat and combining it with saliva.
That was a gross lugie he just spat, it's green.
by Chris September 02, 2003
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A chunk of snot with a certain viscosity or consistency which makes it able to be spit long distances.
I just hucked a lugie on the window and it's really hanging in there...
by Urban Dictionary December 03, 2008
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Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on sheโ€™s always there. Supportive through your ups and downs. Usually a very beautiful lady whoโ€™s reserved, observant, down to earth, silly, and extremely determined. She can be the sweetest person youโ€™ll ever meet or your worst nightmare, depending on how you treat her. Although many underestimate her but she has a lot of potential. Very passionate about art and helping people.
Lugie is a sweetheart.
by Nicholas13 May 31, 2018
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