the strongest form of love... it is when two people are so in love that their lives are basically symbiotic...
doug and amber lovers each other equally.
by doubersproody December 27, 2006
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which means how much you love someone, more then they can imagine. Non stop love.
Loveration to you to the sun and back, more then love.
by dance dance woo November 23, 2007
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Someone who you don't them mind jumping on you and/or who doesn't mind you jumping on them
This girl I'm having sex with, she's my lover
by captian capable December 8, 2012
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One who loves another, especially one who feels sexual love
by Alexius November 7, 2003
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1. The fandom name for Lo Nightly fans.

2. A person who loves, is a fan of Lo Nightly.

3. One fan is a "Lover", two or more are "Lovers".
"Me and my friends are fans of Lo Nightly. We are the Lovers."
by ILikeFrenchStuff June 12, 2020
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when you claim to be just friends but really everybody knows that that would probably be the farthest thing that you guy are "just"
-SEXUAL relationship
"u guys! hes just my friend" *thinking in head* yeah right we are. i wanna hop his bones right now.
by Sue Johanson March 20, 2005
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