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A hilarious person. Ani is the life of the party. Though a bit introverted, Ani is very popular. Ani can get along with almost anyone, making her desirable to be around. Ani is known to have a heart of gold and is kind, pretty and free-spirited. Ani is also known to be a creative and can typically do anything artistically the first time it is done.
Ani is my pillar strength; Ani is good at music, dancing and prancing. I can't wait to go to Ani's house and eat cheese.
by retsisymevol777 December 27, 2016
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Adj. Something that is expected to have a long lifespan by virtue of having existed for a long time, based on the lindy effect, named for the New York restaurant Lindy's, coined by Albert Goldman and popularized by Nassim Taleb.
cooking with fire is lindy
by mmebs June 13, 2021
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The name of a girl who is very beautiful and cute. She is nice and sweet person. She also caring about who she love. Moreover, she is cheerful. Always do jokes and make his friends laugh. She also smart. She is perfect girl in cuteness and have a kind heart in love. Many boys has crush on her.
boy 1: i think i fall in love with anis

boy 2 : ouhh .. she is pretty

boy 1: herm yeah
by crush😘 December 27, 2016
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a beautiful and good woman but always considered prideful by the surrounding community. she quickly gets bored with what she's getting now. she will do whatever she wants to get. do not get any clue with it or you'll regret it. She is also a character but fierce at the same time. she will not be friends with anyone who has destroyed her life. so, do not play around with Anis.
A : did you see my ex?
B : who? Anis?
A: yup.. she gets mad when i flirt with other girls
B: who told you to do so? She must be very upset with you..
by Mita orchindre December 27, 2017
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Name meaning "companion" or "close friend". He or she can be a great friend and is trustworthy. Adored and loved by many. Is also funny and has a good sense of humor. Someone you would love to hang out with.
Person 1: Hey is that our new classmate Anis?
Person 2: Yeah! She's really nice and funny! I think you should talk to her.
by benedick_cucumberpatch August 27, 2017
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An Actual name of a most likely beautiful girl, She is gorgeous in her heart and loved by those around her with pure intent she Is gorgeous as much as she is great to be around.
A name, "Hey Ani whats up! "

Used and pronounced Ah Nee
by Kagenome May 27, 2016
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she is the most kind person who you will ever seen. She have a very beautiful soul and genius’s brain. Sometimes she will be very emotional and kind of sensitive girl. She seems like a lazy girl but she likes reading and helps many people. Don’t try to mess upwith her or you will be the one that she hate the most
I’m pretty sure that many people loves Anis because of her beautiful soul
by Cupcakesgirl February 17, 2019
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