Ani’s are the most loyal and trustworthy people that you will ever meet in your entire lifetime. No matter how serious the situation may be, they will always be there to provide support and guide you through your most difficult times. As soon as you begin talking to an Ani, it feels like it was meant to be, as no conversation with them is ever dull or filled with empty words. To some people, Ani’s may seem shy and reserved. However, once you get to know them, you will see that they are full of energy and willingness for adventure. Ani’s are also people who will tend to pay attention to the small details, and will quickly notice if anything seems off or unusual. But, contrary to their observant habits, when it comes to their own life, they can sometimes tend to look right past the hints pointed in their direction. When you are in a relationship with an Ani, your life becomes infinitely better. While she can be quite aloof and clueless those moments of figuring things out and understanding are some of the best feelings and moments you can have.
Whatever the magnitude of any activity you do with ani, is great because of the fact that she is able to make you feel like you are special and the main character. Her ability to make people feel present and grounded is truly a wonder to the world.
I think that we can all learn what it means to be a better human being by looking at how Ani lives her day to day life.
by boualisisbad1206 April 19, 2022
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A hilarious person. Ani is the life of the party. Though a bit introverted, Ani is very popular. Ani can get along with almost anyone, making her desirable to be around. Ani is known to have a heart of gold and is kind, pretty and free-spirited. Ani is also known to be a creative and can typically do anything artistically the first time it is done.
Ani is my pillar strength; Ani is good at music, dancing and prancing. I can't wait to go to Ani's house and eat cheese.
by retsisymevol777 December 28, 2016
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An Actual name of a most likely beautiful girl, She is gorgeous in her heart and loved by those around her with pure intent she Is gorgeous as much as she is great to be around.
A name, "Hey Ani whats up! "

Used and pronounced Ah Nee
by Kagenome May 28, 2016
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The most caring, energetic, loving, and precious people you will ever meet. You are lucky to have an Ani in your life. She will love you no matter what (platonically of course). If you know an Ani become close with her and get to know her well because she might seem like a shy girl on the outside but on the inside, she is a little firecracker and will spark up.
OMG, Ani is my most favorite person in the world!
by theoneandonlybrokenpineapple November 5, 2018
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Hawaiian name for beautiful and pretty. Precious girl who is very nice and pleasant that everyone enjoys. Very attractive to others and is very popular and friendly when she wants to.
Person 1: Hey Ani, did you know that your name means multiple anus
Person 2: No I hoe it means beautiful in Hawaiian. Much more pleasant.
by collies_are_life January 1, 2015
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Referring to multiple anuses, typically used as in the place of asses
Bro 1: How much ani have you been getting lately?
Bro 2: Plenty.
by penis in the anoos October 10, 2011
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The grouping word for Anus.

for example a pride of lions etc.

As i look around me today, i see nothing but a pack of Ani
by Raistlin_ May 9, 2007
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