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a girl who doesn’t laugh at potty humor
“did bubbles just come out of the water?” steph: “no! ew!! farts are gross!”
she must be a steph
by SwiftieKate November 20, 2020

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A “lover” is someone that stans the Taylor Swift Album Lover, most of the time over the other ones. There aren’t many lovers because they are often attacked for loving the album over other very popular stan albums. Lovers and Rep Stans are almost constantly feuding, and most don’t get along very well. Overall, Lovers are what people would call “Cupcake Swifties” by other swifties, specifically on stan Twitter, because they love the sweet and soft Taylor, compared to the other Taylors portrayed in other albums.
Some people are rep stans, but I’m a hardcore Lover.
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by SwiftieKate July 03, 2020

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The slightly evil, but hilarious and cool guy. He jokes around but is also pretty sweet and makes a great husband/father. Super nerdy with comics and video games, but still awesome.
Hey look at that guy in ten marvel shirt. That must be a Jacob.
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by SwiftieKate March 12, 2019

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