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Being super close to someone who you love and respects you and have a very close bondage together
by Lovebirdie March 23, 2019
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Someone that loves you for you and is very honest,kind, and funny to be around someone that you woupd want to be with for the rest of your life
Dylan and Cammie are lovers
They look great together they must be lovers
by Lovebirdie March 23, 2019
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A cammie is a great person to be with. Shes sexy,tall,has brown hair,blue eyes. The most perfect girl to be with. She usually has a boyfriend so get her before its to late. Shes the most prettiest sexy girl ever. Shes perfect and likes to have sex with guys. Shes a great kisser and athletic shes also very strong. Dont mess with a Cammie

Shes also a great friend to usually Cindys
Boy 1: see that sexy chic
Boy 2: Yeah she must be a cammie to bad shes already taken
Boy 1: what about that one she looks single
Boy 2: Thats a cindy..... big ass
by Lovebirdie March 23, 2019
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