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A person that you love. You dont really love them however, you just want to have sex with them.
Brian: Hey baby lets get it on!

Marsha: Of course you are a lover!
by arielthealien June 21, 2005
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A site ive been playing for several years. It used to be excellent, but then prices have gone WAY too high, it is too oversencored, has many n00bs, and is addicting, you often get frozen for no reason, and took over my life. Lately all theyve cared about is money and advertisement. Escpecially since theyve sold it to viacom. Im ashamed to be addicted and still play it :(
I LURVE NEOPETS OH 11010010101010101010 ROFL

by arielthealien August 5, 2005
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Someone who digitally designs visual imaging and graphics for web sites. I happen to be one because I basically have no life

Graphic Designers rule compared to the cheap web designers, who have no talent
Im 13, and yet Im an exelent graphic designer
by arielthealien June 2, 2005
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something many people wish they were, but are npt. There are very few gangstes in this world if you think about. The morons who litsen to 50 cent and eminem and only shop at phat farm rockaware sean jean and ecko should get a life. If you live in an area other then a poor area and think your ghetto because youre black or puerto rican youre not. End of story
asshole: OMG IM LYK SOOO GANGSTER *listens to eminem*
me: get a life asshole...
by arielthealien September 11, 2005
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The best genre of music to exist. I really have a thing for doom metal and ska, but reggae beats em to it. It really does. Dont knock it till yo try it

Bob Marley, TOK, Sanchez, Nativos, Sean paul?, Sublime etc.
MTV freak: EW Reggae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sane Person- Why didnt I listen to Bob Marley earlier?
by arielthealien September 26, 2005
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Dont just flame when youve never heard it. Sure some rap metal is terrible, but some can be allright. I myself like many different genres of metal(except numetal such as slipknot linkin park and limp bizkit) so rapcore is one of them. In short its hardcore rock or metal with rapping
I like rap metal I dont care what you fuckers think
by arielthealien October 13, 2005
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