My lover sneaked into my bedroom last night and we made hot hot love.
by Holly Booday July 4, 2005
to love someone
to have a feeling of love for somebody of the opposite sex OR the same sex...

i am your lover, foreverrr and always ! yes i love you, my lover
by wewe123 November 23, 2005
Fuckbuddy with an emotional complex towards you, often portraying flaws of a "wife" or "husband", the level that comes after lover.
Bob:"After we fucked for three times, she started acting like she was my lover or something."
Bib:"....You're married."
Bob:"Yeah, that's the part that made it suck."
by Prez March 22, 2004
A young and energetic person that can satisfy all your needs.
Probrably not your present boyfriend.
John: Was my lover.
John: Is no longer my lover.
John: Wants to be my lover again.
John: Does not know how to LOVE
by Sunshine June 14, 2004
lover means your all mine
by Brandi Dudley October 17, 2003
A moron who expresses love in an idiotic fashion. One who acts like a dipshit when in love.
That guy was such a loverator, I just couldn't watch him with his GF.
by Tony2ball$ October 5, 2008
the person you are sleeping with or messing with behind your girlfriend/boyfriend's back
I needed her as a lover, cause i wasnt getting any from my girl
by homewrecker June 2, 2005