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The smallest fractional unit of a single Ada, the currency of the blockchain protocol Cardano (as a Satoshi is to a Bitcoin or a cent is to a dollar).

Named after Ada Lovelace, an 18th century mathematician and the first historically-documented computer programmer.
I wish I had more than 100 Lovelace in my portfolio!
by Zenarchism October 17, 2018
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A last name that is held exclusively for gingers. Preferably ones who wear lots of flannel.
Damn, Mr.Lovelace. You be lookin like a lumber jack.
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by gingersarentsobad May 10, 2018
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a person that cant speak words she spells terrible hates everyone i and doesnt like rudeness
ms lovelace cant speak when she trys to pronounce words a
by dasklafh April 15, 2017
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To close a deal with minimal effort or time invested said deal.
To be overly optimistic when projecting future earning potential.
To consume one particular food item to extreme excess.
To consume an entire TV series in a short period of time.
To deposit a check within 30 minutes of receiving it.=
To not set a morning alarm for workdays.
To be unable to control the thought-to-speech filter.
To stare uncontrollably at a woman until she feels violated.
To engage a third party in order to wrong someone that has wronged you.
To vomit or to otherwise be sick the day after consuming a moderate level of alcohol.

To procrastinate until the last possible moment to perform work-related tasks, preferably if someone is waiting on you.
To keep your cell phone ringer turned up without regard to the commoners.
To mortgage your entire financial future trading stocks based on insider information.
To commute into work unnecessarily to avoid time with family.

To immediately give Diddy a blowie after any accomplishment.
To be so caught up in oneself it causes a gravitational rotation of those around you.
To be 2nd least self aware self-proclaiming self aware person in the universe.
To embellish any story by at least 50%.
To claim to be a member of the coolest, smartest, most philanthropic, most athletic, best looking, most chick-getting fraternity on campus.
To participate in LARP games.

lovelace (n)
An unspoken need to interrupt a conversation not centered around one's self.
Person #1- Man I pulled a lovelace last night.

Person #2- Really? So what tv series did you watch in it's entirety?
Person #1- Nah man, I ate chicken salad until I threw up.

Person #1- Hey man, stop Lovelacing that chick across the bar. She won't even look my direction now.

Person #2- My bad, I just can't stop eye raping her.
by Grant1885 September 25, 2014
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To have something shoved down your throat. Named after Linda Lovelace, star of the pornographic film "Deepthroat"
Person 1: Hey are you watching that Supergirl show.

Person 2: Only after they moved to the CW. I didn't like how CBS Lovelaced the girl power.
by Titanium Knight July 22, 2017
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She is a loving caring girl . Sometimes she may be rude but she will always take her friends side. Many men she will argue with and stand her ground
Lovelace will care for her friends and family but sometimes be a bit rude . Many men she will argue with but she will always stand her ground . She mever has a doubt of herself and always thinks about othee people
by Pretty Bishh January 11, 2019
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