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Any type of contestant in a game who is entered in order to cheat. For example, a professional bowler who plays in an amateur bowling match.
You lost because you were up against a ringer.
by sevenhn December 30, 2005
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A term often used to refer to a player illegally brought into a drop-in or beer league hockey game that is significantly better than the rest of the players on the team. Usually only plays a limited amount of games so the league does not find out and never gets off the ice . Hockey term for Smurf
12 Year Old: Damn coach, who's this sick hockey player, he's as fast as Speedy Gonzales and just as small.
Coach: That kid doesn't belong in this Division, He's too good to be playing here.

Coach to Player: Get off the ice you f*cking ringer!!!
Johnny Gaudreau: Make me bitch.
by TSE NY October 12, 2018
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A Counter-Strike term (used in other games, too) that means a person that plays in a scrim or war against as a member of the clan, but is not actually in the clan.
We only need one more person, hey Bob wanna be a ringer?
by whcodered June 26, 2005
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A person who you barely know that you bring/send to a party to make things interesting. Can also be someone you find on the street a few blocks away.
Who's that ringer you left at my house last night? I couldn't get rid of that guy for days. He shit on my brother's rug.
by butchasound September 18, 2007
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(pseudoploximolarogen) the street name of a highly potent and exotic hallucinogen that is normally ingested with the mouth or some other orifice. Normally found in a rare mushroom harvested from various South American rainforests.
Dude, are you on ringer right now?
by Totesonringer101 July 21, 2010
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A car that has had it's number plate and serial numbers changed. this could be so that a recently stolen car cannot be identified by coppers
Terry Mccann (Dennis Waterman) in Minder to Des( George Layton) after he was set up by delivering a 'hot' car - "It was a ringer and you bloody rung it"
by minderlover July 10, 2008
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some who says their younger than they really are
"see that obafemi martins? hes a ringer man, hes really 30 you know!"
by aarkan July 10, 2008
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