To stare at someone for a unnaturally long period of time, and in a creepy manner. Usually with eyes very wide, or nearly closed with the mouth hanging slightly open. Sometimes accompanied by the licking of lips
girl 1: hey lets go somewhere else
girl 2: why?
girl 1: cuz that guy right there is totally eye raping us
by yeah_its_me09 May 11, 2006
To intensily flirt with eyes in order to make a dude or a woman come over.
-What are you doing staring at that guy- looking down smiling?
-Shhh!.... I'm eye raping this dude..
-What's, Eye rap-
-Hush!.... he's comming over!
by Twocolorsocks December 8, 2010
The equivlent to checking someone out, staring and gazing at someone due to phermones. (Violating someone with your eyes)
-(inpired by Wedding Crashers the Movie)
"O my gosh, that guy/girl just eye raped the shit out of you."

"I think I should cover up, I think that person just eye raped me."
by Gin23 March 19, 2007
One of the most used expressions in the TH fandom, an eye rape is a stare so intense that you feel like you've been raped by their eyes.

Usually accompanied by a sultry pose or general come-hitherness.
1: Omg, Bill's giving you the eye rape!
2: Wow. That photo is a total eye rape.
3: He's so damn sexy, I don't even mind when he eye rapes me.
by OnceUponAKaulitz January 9, 2010
An unwanted Eye Fuck. Eye raping usually occurs when an unattractive male stares down an attractive female, but can happen the other way around as well.
Guy 1: Dude she just eye fucked the shit outta you!
Guy 2: Did you see that hiddi beast?! That's more like eye rape!
by The JVL November 8, 2007
Imagining raping someone in your mind, while looking at them.
"She is so hot I eye raped her."
by Tikal May 2, 2005
Seeing something so vile and hideous that you feel like your eyes have been raped because you witnessed it.
Dude, I was eye raped by goatse.
by Michael Hunt February 2, 2005