A gentleman who earns his living by felling trees. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for providing the material for our homes and furniture. This gentleman is soundly hated by the environmentalist who lives in a timber house.
He's a lumberjack, he's OK.
He drinks all night and he works all day.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
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a burly man who lives and dies by the axe; lives deep within the deciduous forest where he earns his livelihood by falling large trees, the size of titans.

eats a steady diet of pancakes with maple syrup, beaver, and forest ruffage.

wears a uniform of a plaid flannel shirt.

may or may not be accompanied by a blue ox.
lumber jacks, they don't taste like lumber.
by crimsonhawkman March 25, 2010
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A person who works in the woods for a living.
Paul Bunyan was a lumber jack.
by Mel Function September 6, 2003
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Lumber Jacking is when you eat something (no matter the size) in a single bite.
I bet you twenty dollars you can't lumber jack that steak!
by Alex Otto November 1, 2007
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simultaneously puking and deficating.
I feel like I'm going to lumber jack.

I don't think I should have taken that last shot. I spent the whole night lumberjackin'.
by Jason Andrew July 27, 2006
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.them kids with the dirty hair and ragged torn jeans;
.grunge musician. (as they would frequently wear flannel just like a lumberjack would)

hi. we're lumber jacks. and we like to chop wood (play music).
by kurdddt January 27, 2008
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Sexual term, used to describe the act of fecalating on ones head then cutting it half with your penis.
My boyfriend lumber jacked me last night. I don't know if I will ever recover.
by Mr.Malice December 29, 2005
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