What michael mell had on his backpack becauss he is gay
Boyf? What does that even mean?*moves backpacks aeound*.... , it is the other part to boyf, boyf-riends
by Road work ahead? March 17, 2020
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What women like to consider guys which they don't want to have sex with. Literally, 'friend withouth the f'.
She can't fix her lawnmower or work on her house, so she calls one of her riends to do it.
by Sparks October 14, 2003
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A secret boyfriend whom you pretend is your best friend. The b and the f are taken out.
Girl 1: Are you dating Joe?

Girl 2: No way! He's like my best friend!

Girl 1: More like your est riend!
by definerofurban August 24, 2009
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The word 'boyf riend' is a reference to the musical ”Be More Chill. 'Boyf' connects to the character 'Jeremy Heere' as he has it spelled on his backpack and hides it with his 'no homo' factor. 'Riend' is taken by his best friend Michael who shows Jeremy, showing 'all the homo'
“Bro, we've been best friends for a really long time now. Lets be Boyf Riends, no homo tho
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A ship in Be More Chill between characters Michael Mells and Jeremy Heere.

(also my world)
I love the boyf riends ship on a different level of life.
by theater_rat🐀 March 20, 2019
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A slash ship in the fandom of the pretty well-known off-Broadway musical, "Be More Chill", involving the main protagonist, Jeremy Heere, and his long-time best friend, Michael Mell. Pretty much the most popular ship in the fandom, with fanart and fanfics galore. In my opinion, it is adorable and I love them together. It has actually been confirmed by George Salazar, the actor who plays Michael in the original cast, that he and Will Roland (the actor who plays Jeremy) both ship Boyf riends.
"Hey, you like Be More Chill, right? Do you ship Boyf riends?"

"YES! It's my OTP!"
by MusicalDorkTurtle July 15, 2018
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Essentially, your boyfriend but without the title

similar to est riend
Friend: Is he your boyfriend?

You: No, we just do everything together

Friend: So is he your best friend?

You: No, we're closer than that, we make out and stuff

Friend: Oh, so he's your oy riend.
by a-monkey October 18, 2009
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