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Someone who is obbsessed with background lore about something, usually video games or movies.
Person 1: ...And that is how the covenant glassed Madrigal.
Person 2: I really don't care. You're such a lore whore
by OMFG No October 06, 2010
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A Lore-Whore is someone who loves to investigate the lore of a series, such as in book series or video games. Basically puts the story of the series above all else.
Man that guy is such a Lore-Whore, all he cares about is the story, not even about the gameplay.
by ClaymoreLinx May 04, 2013
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a) a person literally obsessed with, and dedicated to investigating, sometimes as a job, conspiracy theories
b) (negative sarcastic and/or offensive): a scientist or historian who presents conspiracy theories as indisputable scientific/historical fact, using even others' conspiracy theories as evidence
c) (humorous/positive sarcastic) : a children's author whose books/novels have a plot set in a conspiracy theory background.
d) (very offensive): a politician who uses historically accurate, but currently scientifically/historically meaningless (in the modern Western world) esoteric facts to promote their personal political platform.
e) an offensive synonym for nonsensical political propaganda
f) (adj) pertaining to conspiracy theories and/or unverifiable historical circumstances
son: I think JFK was assassinated by the mob.

father:Oh what nonsense. However, if you want, become a lore-whore, and then find accurate historical evidence to prove or disprove your theory.
by sexydimma December 29, 2013
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