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That one person you explain all your lore to. Whether you're writing a novel, a story, or a Dungeons and Dragons campagin, this person knows every plot twist and every detail.
Andy: I was explaining it to my Lore Whore, Justin.
Sarah: Oh yeah, you give all the details to Justin.
by Kelly_With_Art January 17, 2022
1. to be sexually attracted to guitars and/or the people that play them
2. having good taste in guitars
3. being able to name guitars by site down to specific details (much like a mechanic when presented with a muscle car)
1. I'm a guitosexual and that is a sexy guitar.
2. I'm guitosexual and THIS is the guitar for you!
3. Johnny is guitosexual and he can name any guitar and tell you what it's made of just by scent.
by Kelly_With_Art February 2, 2019
A person (not necessarily a maternal figure) with an uncomfortably extensive knowledge about holistic medicine and chakras. This person may or may not even believe in crystal healing or chakra alignment, but they know a TON about it. Holistic remedies include, but are not limited to, the following: Meditation practices, teas, herbs, tonics, essential oils, crystals, chakras, color healing, Feng Shui, Reiki healing, etc. They often share this knowledge randomly with friends and family.
Gerald: Jeez, Candace sure does know a lot of weird uses for essential oils and teas.
Mike: That's because Candace is such a Crystal Mom
by Kelly_With_Art June 4, 2020