A sudden change in events; often ironic.
Edgeworth: Thus, by this evidence, we know that YOU ARE THE ONE WHO TOOK THE LAST BROWNIE!

Phoenix: Objection! It was proven earlier that the subject had no motive, nor does he even like brownies!

Judge: Quite a plot twist!
by scy1192 August 16, 2008
When you and your girl have sex for the first time and she pulls out a PHAT COCK.
Angela and I were about to have sex last night, but she pulled out her dick. It was a huge plot twist. The best part was that it was bigger than my own.
by 123colinrox May 21, 2019
A term used by 14-year-olds in comment sections in order to receive internet points that they wouldn't be able to obtain otherwise due to their unfunny nature.
*A Youtube video shows two guys playing a game of table tennis, during which one of them notices that the noise of their playing at one point resembled the beginning of the Super Mario Bros. theme song.*

14-year-old commenter with over 5k likes : "Plot twist: The other guy doesn't even know what Mario is."
by anonymously irritated July 19, 2020
A sudden change in events; often ironic.
When Josh Klonghoffer left Red Hot Chilli Peppers, but John Frusciante came back, that was a huge Plot Twist
by paulasmint December 15, 2019
The most commented comment on youtube
Video: How animals kills insects.
Kid: Plot twist: The insects kills the animals.
by Nooisdghsdjhg March 5, 2019
Verb. 1. Second greatest activity ever invented after geocaching
2. The act of drastically altering the plot of a novel, play, work of literature for entertainment purposes. More entertaining if original plot is either a classic or has already been significantly plot twisted by creator of work.
by The Real Bob Saggot November 23, 2011
When the movie ends with a plot twist and somebody ends up getting their dick sucked.
Shawn: did you see that new movie?
Ty: yea I did not except the Portuguese plot twist at the end!
by Gnardog37 December 28, 2022