1. Nickname for someone who is gay or is acting extremely gay. Meaning there poop chute is wide open. Loose Asses can often be heard coming by the distinct flapping of their ass cheeks.

2. A girl who gets rammed in her B-hole very often
Yo Wolfgang was eating a banana very sexually today, I bet he's got a loose ass.

I'm bout to get it in tonight, the girl I'm dating is a loose ass
by huskymeat September 12, 2011
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An extremely gay person's ass. Taking it in the ass a lot. Having a loose ass from all the gay sex.
Lindsay's ex boyfriend hs a very loose ass from taking it like a bitch.
by ashepherd July 30, 2007
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Being reckless, relaxed and irresponsible. a guy who just loves to have fun.
Dude1: That guy doesn't give a fuck about the world. You should've seen the way he drives his car!
Dude2: Yeah! what a loose-ass!
by Winthash November 29, 2009
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someone who passes extremely rancid gas on a regular basis. The original loose ass is a man named "Lucky" in Portland, Oregon.
Shit, what a fucking reak! Lucky has a loose ass.
by Steve January 3, 2004
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Diarrhea so bad it seeps out causing a itchy burning sensation.
Taco bell gives me itchy loose ass
by Swaffhausen December 12, 2022
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Remember the bitch from "Varsity Blues" who covered herself in whipped cream and threw herself at her man's friend? THAT'S A LOOSE-ASS HEFFA!
by sexie chocolate September 28, 2004
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