If you ever go to TacoBell u will be shitting for a week I actually mean shitting for a week good laxative alternative actually tho
Ethan; wanna go to Taco Bell
Benny; hell’s yeahs man

Ethan; get ready to shit for a week
Benny; already prepared
*2 hours later*
Benny; welp my asshole looks like burnt chicken now
by BurntChickenAss May 9, 2019
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The place where you go to spend 40$ on your birthday and eat it all w/ ur bestie out of the back of a trunk. Afterwards you must yeet to the nearest Burger King before you shit yourself
Fuck I just ate Taco Bell....ugh..... I feel it coming!!!
by blindpersonhrs September 23, 2019
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It's is a inner city slang for Crack or Meth
Man don't forget my "Taco Bell" bro! For real I'm jonesing for that shit
by Tomuchcoco April 2, 2022
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What to eat if you want to turn your ass into Mount St.Helens. Why mount St.Helens you ask? Because it turns your shit into liquid explosive that blasts out your asshole at such high speeds it will take out anything in its path. It has been said that taco bell shits can literally blow the toilet right out from under you. The feeling that results from this shit volcano is a burning asshole that feels like it has been ripped apart.
The following steps are what lead to the explosion.
1.Go to Taco Bell and order a grilled stuffed burrito.
2.Leave Taco Bell full and feeling rather shitty.
3.Get home and start to feeling the rumbling stomach the represents the earthquake before the volcano.
4.Run to the bathroom desperately clinching you buttcheeks together.
5.Get to toilet sit down.
6.EXPLODE SHIT all over your toilet bowl, ass cheeks, and nut sack.
7.Wipe your ass extra well, and possibly follow with a shower.
I ate Taco Bell, and an hour later my ass erupted into a violent explosion splattering shit in every direction onto my toilet bowl.
by explosive poopy March 3, 2010
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