Those slobs were straight up trippin till they heard 50 goons screaming neighborhood throwing up sets.
by Bandit 0069 June 9, 2017
Where Mr. Rogers lives

not to be confused with the neighborhood of make believe where Mr. Rogers teaches us lessons with puppets...very creepy, disturbing puppets...

nuff said
It's a beautiful day in this neighrborhood, what a neighborly day in this neighborhood. because won't you be my...won't you be my... won't you be my neighbor.
by Chilly Willy February 23, 2007
Urban planning terminology, used to describe the transformation downgrade, by design, of an urban arterial road to the status of a neighborhood local street; to achieve connectivity between dis-joined areas of a community, or segregated, neighborhoods; through enhancement of, or introducing (where non-existent) walkability through design modules that supports active transportation (bike & pedestrian recreational use).

Related term: neighborhoodize.
Through neighborhoodization process, community connectivity was achieved.
by germannoodles September 12, 2019
An area walkable by any able bodied person which is tied together by some common thread. It could be architectural, historical, cultural, functional... a hill, lake, pond, ditch, creek, school, shopping district, tower or other landmark the neighborhood is centered around, or a neighborhood association.
__________'s neighborhood was built between 1925 and 1935 and is centered on Chimera Hill, which it is named after. It has large and growing New Guinea Papuan-American population.

The office is on the fourth floor of the _________ building in the Tannery District, a neighborhood bordered by the Downtown (the office tower district) to the north, the Glassmaking District to the northwest, the Recording District to the northeast, Chinatown to the east, Ukranian Village to the west, Little Haiti to the southwest and Little Saigon to the southeast
by miskatonic Jack 2 November 24, 2010
Neighborhoods is the sixth studio album by Blink-182, with 10 tracks (14 on the deluxe edition), and the first since their reunion in 2009.

For more information, see Wikipedia.
"Have you heard Blink's new album?"
"Yeah! Neighborhoods is fantastic!"
by JaaagMan February 27, 2012
The area of, or near, one's genitalia.
(If someone were to put their foot by your balls, you would say:)
"Girl, get your foot out from my neighborhood!"

(If someone comes to close to your balls:)
"Hey! You kids should play in your OWN neighborhood!"
by Alec Hofeling August 8, 2004
A community of horses. Mighty noisy at feeding time.
Mr. Rogers' friendly peaceable neighborhood is comprised of kind helpful interesting humans; I'd be more than happy to be his neighbor. Mr. Ed, on the other hand --- or rather, on the other HOOF --- has his own "neigh"-borhood which I'm sure is equally pleasant and cheerful, but it's entirely made up of "equine" citizens, and as mayor, "The Big E" is obliged to haul the ponderous creaky ol' hay-'n'-oats cart around to each and every house three times a day to deliver his four-legged friends' breakfast, lunch, and supper rations. A real **drag** (pun intended), but somebody's gotta do it.
by QuacksO July 16, 2017