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It exists within the hierarchy of Kshatriya -> Rajputs -> Saini -> Longia/Longiya.

Kshatriya is a warrior class, one of the highest in the caste system. One of the subcastes of Kshatriya's is Sikh Rajputs that goes down to Sikh Saini's. Longiya/Longia is a subcaste of Sikh Saini's. Although Rajputs/Sainis are considered high in status outside of Punjab, inside Punjab Sikh Rajputs and Sainis are equivalent to Sikh Jats - since they all come under 'Landlords'. They are also known as the 'martial race'.

Almost all Rajputs/Saini's in Punjab are Sikhs. Sikhism denies the caste system. Thus, intermarriage among Sikhs with different 'clans' (ex. Jodhas, Jats, Saini's etc. ) is common.
> "His last name is Longia."
> "Really? He must be warrior-type!"
> "What does that mean?"
> "
by HistoryFreak July 19, 2013
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