A long, white cat that's popular throughout /b/tards and the /b/ board. Usually photoshopped into funny pictures.
longcat is LOOOOOOONG
by BIG M-SLICE September 16, 2006
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Noun: a cat that is long, or, more notably, a white female cat holden by two hoomin hands that is so long that if she fought Tacgnol, the world would end.

Verb: to use an adjective twice in the same sentence.
Longcat is long!

Shortcat is short!

Dumbass is dumb!

Groundskeeper Willy is a groundskeeper!
by Fosterpython January 08, 2009
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a fur matted vagina that is as long as it is wide (gapingwise)
I lost my can of soda after throwing it at that cooze's longcat”
by ghandithong February 24, 2010
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An exceptionally long white cat originating from 4chan's /b/. See also Tacgnol.

As a meme, has given birth to the phenomenon of doubling adjectives for variety or emphasis.

-Longcat is looooooong.

-John: What did you think of Gigli?
Sean: Bad movie is bad.

-I've been reading Einstein's papers, and boy. Smart man was smart.

-(during the end of Star Wars Episode 3)
by T_Andrews October 05, 2007
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Longcat vs Widedog should be made into a movie where they just end up killing each other.

Widedog is WIIIIIIIDE. Longcat is LOOOOOOOONG.
by WillRKewl October 13, 2009
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