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A long, white cat that's popular throughout /b/tards and the /b/ board. Usually photoshopped into funny pictures.
longcat is LOOOOOOONG
by BIG M-SLICE September 16, 2006
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An exceptionally long white cat originating from 4chan's /b/. See also Tacgnol.

As a meme, has given birth to the phenomenon of doubling adjectives for variety or emphasis.

-Longcat is looooooong.

-John: What did you think of Gigli?
Sean: Bad movie is bad.

-I've been reading Einstein's papers, and boy. Smart man was smart.

-(during the end of Star Wars Episode 3)
by T_Andrews October 05, 2007
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/b/ meme.
One day, there was a picture of a cat. It was not Caturday but this specific cat was so long it became a meme and, though the day was not specifically the day of cats, this cat's length became famous.

Many new lusers speculate that this cat is not lengthy, but it is in fact long.
Long cat is looooooooooooooooooong.
by Koori September 22, 2006
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Noun: a cat that is long, or, more notably, a white female cat holden by two hoomin hands that is so long that if she fought Tacgnol, the world would end.

Verb: to use an adjective twice in the same sentence.
Longcat is long!

Shortcat is short!

Dumbass is dumb!

Groundskeeper Willy is a groundskeeper!
by Fosterpython January 08, 2009
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Ho: Yo I heard my pimp got himself some Long Cats.
Other Ho: Oh yeah I heard that too!
Ho: Yeah I heard the homie is callin' him a long cat but he really a ferret!
Other Ho: Oooooo GURL YOU RATCHET!
by Long Cat June 08, 2015
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a fur matted vagina that is as long as it is wide (gapingwise)
I lost my can of soda after throwing it at that cooze's longcat”
by ghandithong February 24, 2010
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