A longman is typically an individual who chooses to elongate a particular task for the purposes of irritation or general ignorance of surroundings. This keeps with a popular emerging British tradition to add man or similar as a suffix to a regular verb to form a compound word such as 'fuckboy, wasteman, roadman'.

In Lehman's terms a longman is a man/women who takes overly long at any given situation with total disregard for responsibility.
'Longman' Luke: Sup man we still meeting for 9 later?
Jack: We said 7 mate , me and James are already heading to the pub
Luke: Sorry mate Im just chilling at the moment i cant get a lift until later
Jack: Stop being a 'longman' and walk you lazy ball bag
by Onyxspected420 July 14, 2016
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the act of ejeculating inside a sailor's bloody anus.
last night i gave scott a longman.
by Rachel Castillo July 11, 2008
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He is the perfect example of a Longman
by sbcmbr July 20, 2016
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1) What the missionary position is called in Cockermouth, England.

2) When you put your dick in her mouth and finger her at the same time.
I went to Cockermouth and laid this british freak on her back and gave her The Longman Swallow!

She loves The Longman Swallow.
by Poud-Cake March 16, 2010
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An amazing person who doesnt think they are as smart or funny as they actually are bc they are completley wrong about themself. If you find a "thomas longman" hold on to them and dont let go as you'll regret it if you do.
Thomas Longman is way nicer than he gives himself credit for.
by jejeejeeeee December 24, 2022
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She is an amazing person.

I believe in Shreya Longman supremacy
Shreya Longman>others
No cap here
Shreya Longman is the besttt
by You don't need a name November 22, 2021
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