National tell someone your friend likes them
Person A: Hey Jayden likes you.
Person B: Oh wow! I like her too.
Person B: I know you like me. Wanna go out?
Jayden: how
Person B: it’s November 29th
Jayden: B, no one listens to those things
Person A: none of us are real
Jayden: it’s been eight months since the accident
by Peepeepoopoo god November 14, 2019
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national dress like a british chav day this is the one day a year were your inner chav can really shine through
friend: Why your eyebrows be looking like that??
you: it’s november 29th
by daddy daisy January 2, 2020
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Get ready its national ft yoir bf/gf all day
Drake "Ethan c'mon ft me bro

Ethan"i can't its November 29th national ft your gf day
by Daddy!yankee November 29, 2019
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Mark-'yo bro its November 29th, you know what that means,'

Nathan 'ye bro I'm getting all of these bitches'
by Imgaybroooo November 28, 2019
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This is the day where the prettiest woman is born, they are stunning, if a man gets a woman who is born on November 29th, they have scored the most perfect girl. This girl is funny, loving, pretty, and great t everything they do.
Boy 1: Hey I really like you

Girl 1: Same!

Boy 2: Wow. He really got that girl!

Girl 2: I know! She's even born on November 29th!
by November 29th November 11, 2021
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A day were you have to either grab your girlfriends ass, or make out with her.
Nick: "Hey babe guess what day it is?"

Tory: "November 29th?"

Nick: * grabs ass *
by Ye sir November 28, 2019
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*hugs crush*

Crush: why’d you hug me?

You: it’s November 29th!
by By jordon saysa November 28, 2021
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