Outward pursuit of a similar calibre to Planking but undertaken by fat people.
'Dude look at that fat chick lying down, it's like she's logging'
by mattai September 12, 2011
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Having anal sex over a fallen tree trunk in a wooded area.
Anyone up for a logging session tonight on the HEATH.

Dat log support dat booty just perfect for a long hard pumping.
by Wordlink May 24, 2019
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When a guy's penis is so long that it drags across the ground when he jogs.
Black Guy: Yo mon, I be totally "Logging" dis mornin'.
by MoFo94 February 6, 2010
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Logging (also known as Facebook logging) is when someone logs into someone's open Facebook account and fucks with their settings or just their Facebook statuses. This term is prefered over the term "hacking" sense there is no actual hacking involved and only stupid 12 years old girls actually still call it hacking.
Girl on boy's Facebook account: Haha hacked u love u
Friend of boy's account comments: You didn't hack him you stupid bitch you were just logging him.
by StoneTown August 29, 2012
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Another Term for Masturbate (Or Masturbating), started on an internet forum in the thread "The Masturbation Log"

Also: Log, Logged, Logger
Kram3r: Barka! I'm trying to catch this fucking Teddirusa but my pokeball keeps fucking up!

Barker: Shut up, I'm logging. ~haermm~
by Neil Green October 23, 2007
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Coined in the Season 16 premiere of South Park.

Standing up after you've taken a poo and cutting your poo in half with a stream of urine.
My daddy was a logger, and his daddy before him.

I enjoy logging after a long day of work.
by gustavus March 16, 2012
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(v): the action of finding a fallen log in the middle of the woods, walking there with a group of friends (preferably 4-7 people), sitting on the log and then getting HIGH AS FUCK (preferably with a big blunt full of trainwreck weed)
logging is basically smoking a lot of weed in the woods
by Brock Hard May 3, 2009
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