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Originating from the Old English word logge and the Latin word Logia, Logging is the act of letting gravity take hold of your limbs and flopping yourself out on any surface hard or soft the way a log would on the ground hence the term logging. However recent philosophers have expanded the definition even further and now logging also can mean the art of doing nothing productive and meaningful with your time that contributes any value to society, essentially the same as what the word meant before, but a more progressive and inclusive definition that allows logging to be active, mobile, and portable

-Offically by the BOC November 29th, 2016
Jeez its been a long week, the couch looks real tempting right now, I'm about to do some serious logging.

I don't understand how the Kardashians are so famous and beloved, all they do is log!
by The real BOC November 30, 2016
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