An act of revenge undertaken by defecating on the keyboard of the transgressor's laptop, followed by closing the device.
He stole my iPod, so I shut his laptop after taking a shit on the keyboard. I call it "Logging On."
by Doug_Cohen March 29, 2011
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Hey look, it's a large piece of timber, also known as a log.
by MuzlFlash September 2, 2003
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a standard looking tube-shaped poo.
Someone dumped a shit in the public swimming pool whilst it was packed and as soon as the log reached the surface everyone in the pool evacuated!
by bread infection November 29, 2009
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Leggings worn by obese girls with thick, solid legs.
Girl: Do I look good in this?
Guy: Those loggings look great on you!
by Tassie69 October 31, 2013
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A chubby/fat cat who likes food. LOTS of food. Commonly used in conjunction with 'loaf' (which is a log-cat who sits in a position where they tuck their paws under their belly).
My cat is a log, he keeps eating my roast suppers!
by Spursboy91 December 13, 2020
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state of being a dead weight in the morning after a night of drinking
"What's Amani doing?'s 3 pm!"

"Being a log."
by Log's roommate March 24, 2010
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