A misspelling of the twitch emote "poggers", usually used by those with fat thumbs and auto-correct.
by obsidianwings October 26, 2020
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Someone who spends nearly all their time logged onto a pc or the internet.
You are a logger, because you log on!
by The Logger March 08, 2008
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The unseen being who visits your bed after a night out on beer and curry and leaves various brown stains on the sheets.
Suzzanah: Yo what the f*** has happened to our sheets.

Tre: Damn bitch I had a few beers and a curry last night I think logger must have stopped by while i was passed out!
by DonnyD 5689 August 13, 2009
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Like pogger, but if it has to do with logs or wood
by maethowie August 25, 2020
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1. what autocorrect changes 'poggers' to.
2. a very well known meme in the tannar eacott discord server, when something is great, it is loggers.
(logchamp is a variation of the word and is basically our way of saying 'mad lad')
*someone levels up*
everyone in the chat: loggers
by fullysh00k January 04, 2019
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