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When something smells really really bad.
My God that winds ripe.
by Judge dredd7 April 22, 2011

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A woman who is into the Goth scene. many of the hottest women in the world are Goth chicks.
She's a Goth chick.
by Judge dredd7 July 08, 2011

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To fuck,screw,bang ect.
I'm gona try her.
by Judge dredd7 January 21, 2012

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Means how are you? Hows your dick? Hows your sex life? All rolled into one question.
Hey man hows your hammer hanging?
by Judge dredd7 March 24, 2011

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A kind of porn where all or most of the women in it are dominatrixs and all or most of the men are sex slaves and/or used to fight as gladators.
Do you like amazon porn?
by Judge dredd7 May 14, 2011

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A club guys can join to exchange information on how to give surprise sex.
He's in a rape club.
by Judge dredd7 December 04, 2011

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A movement that seeks to promote and make legal the occupation of being an adult wet nurse. That is a woman let's adults suck milk out of her tit.

This is sometimes done among teen MILFs and in some bars you can go in and order a " Milk Mamma" and some woman will come out and let you suck the milk out of her tit.
Support the adult wet nurse movement.
by Judge dredd7 July 16, 2011

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