An enormous piece of unusually solid feces, which usually causes much discomfort through the action of release. Loggers are usually lengthy. Sometimes, because of their enormous size, loggers rip small tissues in the intestines, causing blood to come out with the logger itself.
After I released the logger into the toilet, I bled out of my anus.
by CaffeineNicotine July 1, 2003
One who stands up after taking a shit and cuts their poo in half with their urine.
"What about us loggers, hard working folk that stand up after they take a poo and cut it in half with their urine"
by Kenneth Jay Crowe February 5, 2014
A person works in the forest harvesting timber.
That logger is harvesting trees off that job site.
by Jeff Asel October 2, 2008
Like pogger, but if it has to do with logs or wood
by maethowie August 25, 2020
When you hook up with a man who has a huge, know. This well endowed man is called a logger.
Gretchen: I can't get out of bed today. Last night I took a logger home for the night.
Regina: Gretchen, quit trying to make logger happen. It's not going to happen!
by TheRealBetsy September 18, 2020