Unreleased is the opposite of released.

Not released.
unreleased music
by alask9 December 26, 2014
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the excess pee that remains in the bladder after urinating at a urinal. For men, a possible solution to unreleased urine flow, which can cause a variety of health problems (including cancer), is to stand with pants dropped at or below the knees, or to pee sitting down. This can be problematic in public restrooms, for obvious reasons, but the long term consequences can be devastating.
The consequences of unreleased urine flow can range from a few drops of piss dribbling down the leg to full-blown bladder cancer.
by D.S. Credito March 22, 2015
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Queen of unreleased songs is a American songwriter Lana Del Rey a.k.a Lizzy Grant.
Hey, are you listening to the Queen of unreleased songs?
Yes, I am listening to Lana Del Rey's song - Yes to Heaven.
by stream COCC January 25, 2021
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