An internet joke that has been run into the ground so many times that it loses it's comic value.
by queen_azure March 18, 2008
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Old memes are memes from 2010 - 2015 these are likely to have a bold text that say like

Wearing a white shirt

Didn't get sauce on it

these are old and cringy but some can make it out to be good
Bobby: An example of an old meme can be shown in the gif

Billy: Ok
by phonebadbookgood February 3, 2021
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It's not just about the format. Old internet memes (circa 2006-2015) were generally less obnoxious, less obscene, less grotesque, less stupid, less deadpan, less political, and just generally more graceful and lighthearted. You never took them seriously, and they always made you smile or laugh (NOT smirk!)

Today's memes often leave you smirking rather than smiling or giggling, as the meme often plays with the more ironic, farce and brazen side of humour. This makes for a less "happy" experience as such. Certainly not something you'd be consuming/posting unironically, unlike nyan cat, animal advice, and lolcat memes.

Another difference between modern and old memes is the level of irony. Obviously memes of all kinds is not meant to be taken seriously, but most modern memes will add a layer of irony on top of a seemingly serious context to make it seem funny or silly. Old memes are just funny or silly by its very nature.

Old memes can be virtually understood by anyone of any demographic and the humour is often naturally communicated by the image. Modern memes tend to be too ambiguous to be understood correctly by everyone and the humour is specific to a certain demographic (i.e. Gen Z teenagers). Serious debriefing is required to understand most modern memes, even the ones with zero meaning.

Overall, old memes just had that quirky yet graceful charm that modern memes lack. Old memes rule, don't let anyone tell you otherwise (and if they do, they're probably a zoomer).
Examples of old memes include:
-Animal advice
-Rage comic memes (includes trollface)
-Bad luck brian
-Good guy steve
-Nyan cat
-Facepalm guy
-Feels guy
-Doge (semi-modern)
-Cartoon spiderman memes
-and much much more
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian February 28, 2021
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better than shitty modern vine memes
old memes like nyan cat are gold compared to damn daniel and deez nuts
by FlashlightMemelord February 12, 2017
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Only the greatest of meme viewers. Decides, only using deductive reasoning, that the greatest of all memes, such as Harambe, "covfefe" and Hitler / Anti-Semitic memes, are to his / her liking. One only views these on true websites made for memes, or as they call it, "memesites". These so-called "memesites" include Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.
"Hey boy, why are you trespassing on my property?" "I'm a 12-Year-Old Meme Connoisseur. You shan't talk to me in that manner" "I am very sorry sir, I did not know."
by Chickenwob December 21, 2017
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