Better than lol or lmao, use Loal to express your laughter
by We love Loal November 15, 2018
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(sounds like goal)
1. An offshoot of lol sometimes used to poke fun at someone who says lol too frequently, or to express more laughter than a traditional lol.
2. A verbal translation of the acronym lol. Sometimes used to poke fun at people who chat too much or use net speak irl.
WillyPete: hahah owned xgamer!
Xgamer:I freakin spilt coffee on my nuts right as you threw that grenade! LOL

Person A:"Dude i totally pwned like 100 newblies last night."
Person B:"O-M-G, LOAL!"
Person A:"...Shut up."

by Turkey151 January 09, 2008
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Stands for "Laugh Only a Little."

1. Used when something that is funny, but not too funny to use lol, comes up during a chat conversation.

2. Used as an insult to a person trying to say something funny in a chat conversation.
PersonA: Dude, I just lost my camera cable.
PersonB: Really? Loal.

PersonA: So, then I said "That's not a hamster! That's a gerbil!"
PersonB: Oh, loal...
by Aussie Daniels July 12, 2010
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laugh out a load

originating from the new zealand forum at
person: look at the buch of guys.
pert: buch? loal.
by samuel2008 July 21, 2008
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Did Milkfat really get double teamed by those super hot blond twins last night? Damn LoaL.
by Milkfat the Legend July 16, 2010
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Loal= Often found merging with unsuspecting IP Adresses and sometimes BC.
BC: "Muchas smoochas loal!!"
KS: "huggle me plz"
DJ: "ya'll whack."
by DJ February 28, 2004
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