noun -
A cheap AF person that constantly takes and mooches off of everyone
Carl always grabs my food when we are done golfing - he is a muchas!!!!
by CCC, Inc. June 06, 2018
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A word to disguise marijuana.

The last name of Alphonse Mucha a nouveau artist from the late 1800s to early 1900s.
"dude grab the bag of mucha"
"this mucha is going to taste awesome"
"its mucha time"
by knotsandivy January 07, 2010
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"The Mucha" other none as samantha is one who manages to get herself in tricky situations because of her deceptive allure and uncanny ability to hold her liquor; is also a person with very sexy legs.
As "The Mucha" stumbled into the room, she caught the attention of everyone because of her giddy drunken state. Also upon her entrance, one man claimed, "You have sexy ass legs."
by Sam's Pen Island January 14, 2010
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A song by the man ESQUIVEL in the 1960s this song describes the word in a new and destictly ESQUIVEL style of music called space lounge. Literaly translated it means much of a woman which is what it is about.
MAN:Hello Muchacha
WOMAN:Oh Hello Muchacha
MAN:No no me Muchacho you Muchacha.. you know like me tarzan you jane Me muchacho you muchacha
WOMAN:Oh you muchacho me muchaca
MAN:wow too much of a woman MUCHA MUCHACHA!!!
by WolfMeygn February 28, 2004
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When a person hasn’t let there anger out all day and they are losing in crazy 8s they say “MUCHAS MUCACAS”
Friend 1 - Bro u got like 35 cards
by J-Ort March 07, 2019
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