The term used for a males small flap of skin between Dehners legs. Used for masturbation only. The normal penis is 4.75 erect.

But this penis is way to small to move in and out. Without taking the chance of falling out. The tiny skin fold resembles a Vienna sausage or jellybean.
Mike has a Tiny Little Dick for a nerdy beer belly construction worker.

Renee told Joe that his penis is 5 x's the size of her exe Mike's Little Dick.
When all you can see is the head of the dick and balls.
When Russell went to have his stint pulled out of his kidneys, his dick was up in his throat. It looked like a grub worm wearing a turtle neck. That is a little dick.
by Holly Palmer January 19, 2008
A name used to make fun of a male that has a very small penis.
A term used by girls to describe a male they attempted to have sex with.
An unfortunate name for a son of a man named Richard.
Justin Bieber's member.
Sally: "How was your date with the hot guy from accounting?"
Suzie: "You mean little dick? It was a disaster! He is hung like Justin Bieber! I sent him home crying!"
by jsd9632 November 2, 2012
Why'd you need the definition it's right on your body.
Jess: "I can't believe his dick was that small."
Trisha: "We should start calling him little dick!"
Jess: "Yeah!"
by SexyMaster69whosmoke#420 January 29, 2020
A vehicle used to compensate for physical and/or sexual inadequacies, typically a full-size American pickup, the bigger the better, usually modified with a raised suspension, bigger tires, extra chrome, louder muffler, etc., and different from true work trucks that are sized and purchased to do a specific job.
Look at that, another one of those little dick trucks!
by ExRTD November 3, 2008
Any man who drives around all day on a Harley or in a sueped up truck that is lifted enough to look like a monster truck. Often times they will sit in a driveway and rev there engines at 2:00am when everyone else is trying to sleep. One thing that is very important is the vehicle needs to be obnoxiously loud. Doing these super masculine things makes up for there small dick.

Extreme cases include things such as testicles hanging on a trucks trailer hitch or handle bars on a motorcycle that reach 3 feet in the air (making it extremely hard to drive, yet extremely masculine). These extreme cases fall in the subcategory of baby dick bastards (or BDB for short). A BDB's dick is extremely small, much like a baby carrot.
Jim was woken up at 3am by a little dick bastard reving his motorcycle up in the middle of the night.
by beeframen101 August 25, 2008