Store that sells hard liquor, wine, beer, etc. In most Canadian provinces, they are run by the government. In some provinces, it is colloquially known as the "LC" -- Liquor Commission
Buddy: Wanna come over for some steaks and beer?

Ralph: I need to pick up some beer.

Buddy: Don't worry, I'm making a run to the liquor store. What do you want?

Ralph: Lets split a two-four of Keith's.

Buddy: Deal.
by AndyCaygeon January 03, 2010
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A wonderful place that sells great liquor like Jack Daniels for instance. I used to live in a liquor store and would steal the sacred booze, but then I had too much Old Grandad and went streaking past the manager with a bottle in hand, a 3 ply roll of toilet paper wedged firmly in my anus with some flying out behind, "Spank it" written on my chest with sidewalk chalk, my hair in a Mr. T mohawk, and then I puked and slipped in it, and was pummelled viciously by a group of bikers. Then they discovered my home underneath the bathroom floor. Now I'm poor and live in a dumpster outside the liquor store, drinking the few drops of alchol filled goodness left in the emptys. Please, if you smell a fishy, rotting apples smell near a liquor store, pass me some. I'm so lonely....and sober.....
Normal people will go to Liquor Stores to buy hard booze (80 proof and up) and then will usually be sissys and drink it with a cola beverage. Drink it straight!
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo high right now.................................... heeheehee(hiccup).....passs meee anotha 'un billy bob!
by Jim E. Junk April 18, 2006
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A term used to describe, the really corny looking beard people under 21 grow every time before they go to the liquor store

Popular among guys in college and in highschool who bought fake ids and think a really patchy beard is gonna make them look old enough to not get caught
-"Mike you look homeless right now?"

-"I know I'm hitting the liquor store after class and as soon as I get back to my dorm I'm shaving"

-"Thank god cause that Liquor Store Scruff looked awful"
by mmcc1211 November 13, 2011
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when one forsakes going to the pub for fear of the resulting credit card bill, and instead buys all their booze from the liquor store
I can't believe I'm back at the pub; I'm on a liquor store diet
by Dave-Landon April 12, 2011
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When you are about to either go down on a girl or fuck her and find a condom inside of her. You take it out and eat/fuck her anyway.
-- "Dude, why do you look so defeated?"
-- "I think I robbed the liquor store last night but apparently someone had been there a few hours ahead of me and got away clean."
by kcrosby July 08, 2009
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Ahhhh the Liquor store. People go there to buy booze, get
drunk and have a good time. The Liquor store is fun but not very many know how
powerful the liquor store really is.

Yes the Liquor Store is POWERFUL. How powerful is it. They provide some useful
tools to fuck some fat and ugly bitches. How, well lets just say there’s this
fat ugly bitch who wants to fuck you and she is the only vagina around and
there is nothing else to do. It just so happens you bought some Vodka from the
Liquor store and drank the whole bottle. Now the fat bitch is starting to look
hotter but she is still ugly. What now? Well they put the booze in a brown
paper bag so you can use the paper bag to cover her face. Now she’s hot and you
can now fuck her. Beware that some bitches out there WILL be too powerful
for the liquor store.

But the Liquor Store has another use for it as well. This one will get hot
bitches in bed. Say there is this hot bitch you want to fuck and you just found
out she drinks. Let’s just say she like jager bombs. So you grab some redbull
and some jager you bought from the Liquor Store and you two drink till she is
horny. Be careful that YOU don’t drink too much because you want to be buzzed
for later. It’s optional to put "the pill" as well ha ha.

But the Liquor Store is not just used for sex. Let’s just say one of those
bitches you fuckin (fat or otherwise) has a boyfriend (or girlfriend if they’re
lesbian/bi) and they want to kill you. Well you got a weapon to fight back
with. The Bottle you drank booze out of. Just Smash them in the face with a
bottle and they will go out most of the time. Don't worry when they fight back
because your numb from the booze.

But do not underestimate the Power of the Liquor Store because it has its side effects.
Side effects include vomiting, hang over, can't drive worth shit, memory loss,
kidney damage, liver damage, loss of brain cells, making an ass out of
yourself, pregnancy, stalkers, bar fights, love triangles, having to go to the 12 step program, marriages, horse fucking,
uncontrollable farts, speaking in gibberish, unprotected sex, job loss, clothes lost, pissing
everywhere, slowly freezing yourself
to death, crabs, genital warts, genital herpes, rash, AIDS, homeless,
crack addition, money loss, family members gettin pissed at you, loss of teeth,
blurry double vision, beer belly, breath smells like
booze, you smell like booze, having an urge to go into the ocean to fuck
manatees (aka the sea cow) and last but not least.... well WHO GIVES A FUCK

So now you know how powerful liquor store really is. on a serious note...
Power of the Liquor StoreLiquor Liquor Store booze
by pervy sage April 18, 2009
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When your feet are so dirty you resemble a drunken barefoot transient that hangs outside the liquor store.
Ewww! You have fucking liquor store feet! Go shower bitch!
by FresnoGuy September 20, 2015
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