The most embarassing commercials on tv. Seriously, who the fuck wants to know you have it? If people need help, go see your fucking doctor.
"I have genital herpes"
Thanks for sharing.
by Adrian September 21, 2006
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the shit that you get when you have just enough sex
that bitch has genital herpes
by SexEd May 28, 2006
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A sexually transmitted disease:The virus breaks out with excruciating stinging, and burning; It affects the nerves, a node near your genitals will be swollen, your body aches, and you feel really tired during the breakout, which lasts 5-8 days. The first 3 years you have the virus, the breakouts are every 10 months; After 10 years they are every 2-3 years and so on as the years go by the virus erupts less and less, to where you think you don't have it. I've noticed breakout when I am really stressed out, overworked, vitamin deficient, or when certain people who have bad intentions are near me. The little known fact is that a person who carries Genital Herpes virus is contagious 2 days BEFORE they even have a breakout and ironically feel extremely horny during that contagion. Contrary to popular beliefs, genital herpes cannot be spread from genitals to mouth, mouth to genitals - that's why it's called GENITAL Herpes. Mouth is a different type of herpes - the cold sore. The fact that this is the only virus that can't be cured is proof that EVERYONE has some sort of Herpes virus in their bodies: shingles, hives, psoriasis, cold sores, chicken pox, boils, rosacea, etc. It's a shame to have genital herpes, but the virus can actually live on a toilet seat for 2-4 hours, on doctor's exam instruments for 18 hours, and on cotton gauze for 72 hours. Herpes in the latin/Greek languages mean Creeping, from Herpein to Creep.
Every 3 years I break out with Genital Herpes for about a week.
You CANNOT get Genital Herpes by shaking hands!
by DeepThrowWitDancer March 13, 2022
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