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A Liker is somone who stalks you on Facebook and presses the Like button on every post, photo or activity on your Facebook Wall.
OMG, Haley has a Liker on her Wall !!
by bugsy17 May 31, 2011
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1. Someone who generally focuses on the positive aspects of life. As such, an antonym of hater.

2. More specifically, it can also be used to describe someone who is a serial clicker of the "Like" button on Facebook.
She's a Facebook friend of mine and she's a real liker!


Bobby in accounting is so negative all the time, a real hater. I wish he was more like Sandy - she's such a liker and it's really easy to work with her.
by cup.half.full August 24, 2010
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A Human, or Extra-Terrestrial being who uses the "like" function on the popular "facebook" social networking site.
Your my bestie now, and that means you have to be a faithful liker to all of my stati.
by Thee Infamous Jrad June 24, 2011
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People that float through Facebook all day and all they do is hit "like" on everyone's post
Lazy people that sit with the mobile all day long just to hit 1st on someones status. I call them "likers"
by palmettogirl73 April 08, 2012
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