television remote control; term dates from the late 1960s when the first tv remotes made a loud click when the buttons were pressed (because they sent an audible high-pitched noise to a microphone in the tv which would then change channels or volume. The click was actually a small hammer inside the remote that struck a small metal tube which made it resonate. Each button on the remote had it's own tube.) The type was discontinued due to the fact that someone dropping their keys or the phone ringing would cause the tv to go crazy and change channels by itself.
I can't find the clicker. Did it get lost in the couch again?
by fixman88 August 16, 2004
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A noun which refers to players of World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs who click on spells/abilites in their user interface as opposed to binding them to buttons on a keyboard or mouse. In game, this gives them the appearance of being very slow, noobish and just plain out dense due to the increased time required to use these spells/abilities.

It is a dynamic derogatory term which can be applied in many circimstances.
"A guy at the office just stapled his hand to his forehead."

"What a clicker."
by Meecham January 15, 2009
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1.) hey can you pass me the clicker
2.) youre clicker is so obnoxious it makes me want to eat younglings
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An uncommon slang word used in Australia to describe someone with a hot temper and/or a person who has a few screws loose upstairs, caused by emotional trauma rather than physical.
Not a derogatory term and is used mostly by lower class plebs.
He's a clicker bro; spent 10 years in jail what do you expect it fucked him up.

Be quiet when you talk with him or else he'll start clicking at ya. He doesn't like loud noises.
by Oybay December 7, 2012
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Slang Term For A T.V Remote Control, Specifically Used In Area's Of New York
by Ozzborth Keveth April 2, 2005
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I can't stand going to church with those clickers. They start clicking their tongues one minute and the next thing you know their rolling around on the floor with a bunch of snakes!
by glyph November 14, 2002
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