A way of pluralizing "status," used primarily by douchebags.
"Dude, Fred's stati are always hilarious"
"Definitely, bro. Turn up the Jack Johnson."
by grammarvigilante October 20, 2009
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pl. of status. similar to fungi (pl. of fungus) and hippopotami (pl. of hippopotamus).
dude: fat kid & mo, what's your stati?

fat kid & mo: we doin' stuff.
by Sally P. January 27, 2011
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The accepted plural form of the word status on Facebook.
A: What are you doing at that computer all this time?
B: Just updating some clever stati on Facebook
by one4jmu July 10, 2010
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Common slang for "state trooper" used in the New England area, especially Massachusetts.
I was pulled over on the highway by a statie for going 130 MPH in a 55 MPH zone in my Lamborghini.
by ike August 15, 2004
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I didn't make it to the packie in time because the stupid staties pulled me over for having a tail light out.
by hogman September 12, 2005
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A Boston slang term for a State Trooper.
Some statie pulled me over last night... He was a wicked asshole.
by JaJaJaJade June 29, 2006
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